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Aleksandra Kulikowska MSc Eng.

I graduated from Warsaw University of Technology, the Faculty of Chemistry, with specialty of Biotechnology.

My collaboration with BioMedical Engineering Laboratory started in 2011, during the BSc thesis research. The aim of the research was modification of carboxymethyl cellulose, then used for the synthesis of nanoparticles. During the master’s thesis research I examined the influence of nanoparticles synthesis parameters on their physico-chemical properties.

Due to interesting study and promising results I decided to continue my research.

Currently I am a PhD student at the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering. My research concerns the preparation of polysaccharide nanoparticles, which are used as anticancer drugs carriers. As drug delivery system, polysaccharides-based nanoparticles can improve efficiency of anticancer therapy by more specific drug targeting and delivery.

Work with students:

· Separation Processes in Biotechnology - laboratory


A. Kulikowska, I. Wasiak, T. Ciach, “Carboxymethyl Cellulose Oxidation to Form Aldehyde Groups”, Challenges of Modern Technology, 4 (2) 2013

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