Tomasz Ciach PhD Eng. Professor
Beata Butruk-Raszeja PhD Eng.
Magdalena Janczewska MSc Eng.
Katarzyna Każmierska MSc Eng.
Kamil Kopeć MSc Eng.
Piotr Kowalczyk MSc Eng.
Martyna Kucharska PhD Eng.
Aleksandra Kuźmińska, MSc Eng.
Aleksandra Kulikowska MSc Eng.
Ilona Łojszczyk MSc Eng.
Aleksandra Mościcka-Studzińska MSc Eng.
Rafał Podgórski MSc Eng.
Aleksandra Poniatowska MSc Eng.
Agata Stefanek MSc Eng.
Paulina Trzaskowska MSc Eng.
Maciej Trzaskowski MSc Eng.

Iga Wasiak MSc Eng.

Michał Wojasiński MSc Eng.


Implant IntelliDrug

IntelliDrug Project (“Intelligent Intraoral Medicine Delivery Micro-system to Treat Addiction and Chronic Diseases”) is aimed at developing controlled drug delivery system to provide an alternative approach for the treatment of opiate addiction and Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes. IntelliDrug it is a denture implant containing a reservoir with drug and system for its transport via buccal mucosa. This implant, called by media „a treating tooth” is electronically controlled, so guarantees doses optimization and making enable normal patient functioning. The drug from reservoir doesn’t reach the stomach, but is absorbed through buccal mucosa. This alternative route of administration protects the drug against digestive enzymes and liver metabolization. The drug transport via cheek has some limitation: small area of absorption, short time of exposure and washing effect of saliva. To overcome these difficulties is needed faster drug transport into the tissue. Iontophoresis (movement of drug ions in electrical field) is applied in IntelliDrug for increasing the delivery.

At the BioMedical Engineering Laboratory is worked out ex vivo iontophoretic transport model of drugs: naltreksone hydrochloride (addict therapy), galantamine hydrobromide (Alzheimer’s disease). In silico was elaborate a diffusive and iontophoretic model taking in consideration position and shape of electrodes, additional influence of saliva washing out effect on drug transport was described.

IntelliDrug Project is financially supported by European Commission, 6th Framework Programme. More information about IntelliDrug you may find on project website:


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