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Martyna Kucharska PhD Eng.
Aleksandra Kuźmińska, MSc Eng.
Aleksandra Kulikowska MSc Eng.
Ilona Łojszczyk MSc Eng.
Aleksandra Mościcka-Studzińska MSc Eng.
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Home arrow News arrow Martyna Kucharska the winner of Scopus-Perspektywy Young Researcher Award 2009
Martyna Kucharska the winner of Scopus-Perspektywy Young Researcher Award 2009

Martyna Kucharska, a PhD student of Warsaw University of Technology, studying at the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering, is one of ten outstanding young researchers awarded with the prize established by the international scientific publishing house Elsevier B.V. and the Education Foundation ”Perspektywy”.

Recognising that making scientific and research achievements more international is the key to economic growth and development of knowledge-based society, the international publishing house Elsevier B.V. and the Education Foundation ”Perspektywy” established an award for outstanding young Polish researchers who have significant achievements of wide international renown - Scopus - Perspektywy Young Researcher Award.

The organizers of the competition asked rectors of Polish universities and institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences to shortlist candidates. Then the Award Committee chose ten winners out of nearly 300 candidates.

During the gala (25 November 2009) each of the nominees received a statuette and three people were awarded the title of the winner as well as 10,000 złoty each to cover the costs of their participation in an international scientific conference of their choice. The nominated researchers represent various areas of science:

  • medicine: Łukasz A. Małek, 1st Department of Coronary Artery Disease, the Cardinal Wyszyński Institute of Cardiology in Warsaw (Anin):
  • technology: Szymon Hernik, Cracow University of Technology, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering:
  • biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology: Łukasz Dziewit, Warsaw University, the Faculty of Biology:
  • physics and astronomy: Maciej Misiorny, the Faculty of Physics of Adam Mickiewicz University, Mesoscopic Physics Division:
  • chemistry: Łukasz John, Wrocław University, the Faculty of Chemistry;
  • materials engineering: Martyna Kucharska, Warsaw University of Technology, the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering;
  • agriculture and biology: Joanna Karczmarek, Institute of Plant Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poznań;
  • social sciences: Marta Lackowska, Warsaw University, Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies, Technical University in Darmstadt;
  • environmental science: Krzysztof Jan Stereńczak, Warsaw School of Life Sciences,
  • information technology: Zbigniew Gołębiewski, Wrocław University and Wrocław University of Technology

Persons who have been awarded a distinction by the Award Committee:

  • Martyna Kucharska
  • Łukasz A. Małek
  • Maciej Misiorny
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