Tomasz Ciach PhD Eng. Professor
Beata Butruk-Raszeja PhD Eng.
Magdalena Janczewska MSc Eng.
Katarzyna Każmierska MSc Eng.
Kamil Kopeć MSc Eng.
Piotr Kowalczyk MSc Eng.
Martyna Kucharska PhD Eng.
Aleksandra Kuźmińska, MSc Eng.
Aleksandra Kulikowska MSc Eng.
Ilona Łojszczyk MSc Eng.
Aleksandra Mościcka-Studzińska MSc Eng.
Rafał Podgórski MSc Eng.
Aleksandra Poniatowska MSc Eng.
Agata Stefanek MSc Eng.
Paulina Trzaskowska MSc Eng.
Maciej Trzaskowski MSc Eng.

Iga Wasiak MSc Eng.

Michał Wojasiński MSc Eng.


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Rafał Podgórski MSc Eng.

I graduated from Warsaw University of Technology, Biotechnology on the Faculty of Chemistry with the Engineer degree and the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering with specialty of Bioengineering, with the Master of Science in Engineering degree.

My collaboration with Laboratory of Biomedical Engineering began in 2015 during work for my master thesis. The theme of my research was to assess the properties of nanofibrous biomaterials made of poly (L-lactic acid) on the condition of cell cultures of fibroblast and chondrocyte cells. The tests showed that nanofibrous biomaterials, received the Laboratory of Biomedical Engineering, have not cytotoxic effect on fibroblast and chondrocyte cells, and it allows to carry out further work to develop cartilage implants.

The issue of cell cultures and the development of new materials for use in implantology turned out to be very interesting, which encouraged me to start a PhD at the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering in 2016. Currently my research concerns the application of 3D printing in tissue engineering and adaptation of research methods to evaluate morphology of the cells cultured on biomaterials.

Work with students:
• Biomedical Engineering – laboratory

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